Ban Appeal (Pending)

Discussion in 'Mianite Reborn' started by BlueKiller21, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Today is was banned from your Mianite Reborn Legacy server for 2 accounts of inappropriate words. I was not notified about me being kicked for the first word and then I was not notified about the second time when i was put in jail right after i came back into the server, I take all responsibility for the words but i think it was very unreasonable for how it was handled by Vana/Wowgurl13. I put vulgar words on signs in my house but the ownership was my friends, at the time I was not thinking of the rules. but how Vana took action was not good or reasonable how they took the incident and with out warning and as soon as I came back into the server she put me in jail for 30 mins then when we went to talk she misunderstood me and said "i uselessly give people temporary bans but not for you" then i was perma banned from the server. I was honestly angered because i was trying to get in the server for hours today and when i was not informed about bout kicking and jail then being banned. I appreciate you take taking time reading this. and i am sorry for what i have done and i take full responsibility
    User: L1nkkkk
  2. i learned from this and i will never happen I am sorry for the word i use and i sill take all responsibility

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