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Discussion in 'Realm of Mianite' started by skull0421, Jul 2, 2016.

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    On 7/2/2016 I was banned from mianite for "bypassing cf, arguing with staff, spamming, and innuendos. on 7/1/2016 I was told by an admin that if I made one more mistake I would be banned. The next day I was banned, however I don't believe I did anything wrong after that admin gave me the warning of a ban. I would like to request an unban, or at the very least, I ask that my ban is turned into a suspension. I do admit that the things listed for why I was banned I did do. However I don't believe I did anything wrong after the warning, Once again I request an unban or change from banned, to suspended for a period of time ex: 1 week, 1 month. I can promise that if I am unbanned I will never, do anything against the rules again.
  2. I believe I owe you an apology. I would like to personly apologize for whatever situation that led you to believe you were both immune and exempt from our rules. Yes. I warned you one more thing and you are out. The thing you have clearly neglected to realise is the fact that I speak to all of my staff. Acting like you are trying to improve until I am gone for the night and then giving the rest of the team hell for it, That's something I am going to find out about pretty quick. For the past 4 days I have been beyond patient with you , Yet you still keep pushing your luck.

    I would also like to apologize for whatever has made you believe that I would favor you over my trusted staff in an argument over something being appropriate or not. When signing up to become a member on our server you are agreeing to our rules. Most people have no problems to this and to this day there are people who have never set of chat filter. Never had a reason to argue it. Never had to fight with staff as to why you can and can not say anything on our server.

    So after all of your warnings, Mutes, and kicks I find out that you have been saying stuff like ''I want to 9/11 his house'' , Sexual innuendos to both staff and players. which from a non-professional point of view, You did an extremely poor job of trying to talk your way out of saying what you did.

    The only prediction of what would happen from this point will just be a lifetime of kicks and mutes. All ending in the same situation of you failing to understand that this is not acceptable.

    I am going to have to go ahead and DENNY your ban appeal.

  3. Hello mattybob128. thanks for responding, I still want to appeal, and I would like to ask you to please, forgive and give me one more chance, I want to ask that you unban me and if I make as much as 1 single chat bypass or anything wrong no matter how little ban man then. But I do really want to play in your server and I want you to let me have one very last chance to play the server. I understand what your saying, and I get it, I can see how I was a bit of a trouble for a little now. But please as ive just said, let me have 1 last chance/. IF you unban me and give me 1 more chance I will understand it was my fault and nobody elses. one final time, please let me have one last chance.
  4. I am sorry. I have given my final answer. This will not change.
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