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  1. Hi i got banned for saying innapropriate words,also keep in mind that i sayed oh my god atleast 3 times and it registered as an innapropriate word and i know i have no right to say that the filter is broken or that its the filters fault i respect the work of the admins and staff to keep the server together even tho people like me want to do retarded things such as saying ''succ my spicy bois'' i understand its very hard for you guys to deal like people with me and its better off just letting us go but i realy enjoy the people on the server and i know im in no place to say this but i hope you can give me a nother chance at redeeming myself i hope you can forgive me for being that guy also if i caused any troubles to the staff while you were off i request that you apologise to them in my name if you dont accept this BAN APPEAL i just want to say that i truthfully respect your hard work and the work of the staff of the server.
  2. I know this seems like im trying to get behind your back with the i respect the staff words but i realy do and im not lying i enjoy the presence of the people on the server they are all realy nice and im excited for the future of the server but if your final choice is to not accept my ban appeal i can respect that but once again i am sorry to the staff and to you for causing any trouble
  3. We will get back to you with our decision.
  4. There seems to of been some kind of confusion with your ban appeal. So let's take a step back and go through this in the most professional way possible. Bare in mind that after what you said on our discord page , I have every right to rip you to shreds right now So let's see how this goes. First off I will spell this out for you so that it's nice and clear. I AM THE ADMIN. ADMIN HAS THE DISSISION AS TO WHO COMES BACK AND WHO DOES NOT. 90% of the denied ban appeals you see is me making the call to not let those who are toxic comeback. those who do not have the intention of helping our community and only want to be wanna be trolls. No personal feelings go into our bans and no personal feelings go into me deciding if you come back or not. If they did you would have been gone on the first day that you started acting up.

    Now. At the time of me putting through your ban ,I explained to you very clearly the reason as to why I was putting your ban through. So you can stop playing the innocent victim card. it is not going to work. You were banned from our server because you show clear signs of being toxic. I did not take the server away from you. The server needs protecting from people like you.

    Moving on to what you said about me not giving people chances. I don't need to give people '' second chances'' when I am more than patient with people. Only to have it thrown back in my face when i find out that it is all a big act in front of me and different for someone else or just pushing their luck again and again and again. Me giving second chances only apply to people who are genuinely sorry for what they have done.

    ''Mianite should be a place of freedom and fun not his ** and 50% of the items banned and the filter'' I have to admit that this did make me laugh because of the fact that 100% of the time it's those who are always fighting it and arguing about it are the reasons we put this stuff into place. BUT!!! although i can see why you think this I'm just going to point out the fact that we have been up and running and a big server for well over a year now. we have people who have been on our server all of that time and have not got into a single argument about the way we run things because they are not the people who we put those things in place for.

    Finally. People are human. We make mistakes. The next time you get banned off a server and you feel like you ban appeal has been miss-judged, Instead of jumping on your high horse and ranting to our discord and tagging those who have complete trust in my actions thinking that would make some kind of difference (which by the way ... Really smart move. NOT) you could have posted another one that did not sound like you wasn't putting the slightest effort and care into what you were saying. If you had done that and said that you thought there was a mistake in the final call. Who knows. You could have even been back the next day. I hope you being up on your high horse playing the victim was worth it. Please consider yourself De-horsed.

    oh and before I go. All of that other stuff you said about me. Nice try.
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