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    Hai everybody, back at it again with the annoying post nobody reads!

    Today I'm going to talk about Botania, one of the most complex and beautiful mod of minecraft in my opinion!

    Everybody should consider starting Botania one day or another since its such a useful and fun mod to play with. It gives access to a lots of things proper to the mod (Mana enchanting table, really useful tool, powerful magic, mana enchanting, alchemy, powerful materials and much more!)

    I don't consider myself an expert of Botania since I started not too long ago but when I start a new mod I tend to spend some days researching about the mod. I'm this kind of guy that spend his day at school thinking about new inventions and machines I will make when I'll come back home.

    Okay! The main thing I want to talk about is mana generation since for everything else there's a really complex book (Lexica Botania) that will guide you trough your whole Botania journey

    Lexica Botania :

    Let's get right into mana generation!

    If you don't know, the main thing that you'll need to make almost everything in botania is mana! More precisely a filled mana pool. But how do you fill this mana pool you'll ask. Well that's why I'm here and I'll show you my technic to fill a mana pool pretty quickly since it can be very confusing and can take ages to fill a mana pool.

    To fill a mana pool you'll need a mana spreader. But to activate the mana spreader you need to generate mana and in Botania, mana is generated with mana generating flowers! There's a big variety of flowers that can generate mana but some are better than other. (You'll have time to grow a bear before a Daybloom fill your mana pool). Daybloom being the basic mana generating flower, it's usually the option people go with at first but you shouldn't since it's SO SLOW!

    Mana Spreader :

    So what you should use to have a decent mana generating farm! Use Thermalily! The crafting recipe for Thermalily is pretty annoying and you'll have to borrow the mana pool of one of your friend to make them but the server has a nice community and you'll definitely find someone who is willing to let you borrow a little bit of his mana. Thermalily is a flower which generate mana by sucking lava. There's a way to automate it which is really easy!

    Thermalily :

    1- Make a lava fabricator and fill some normal tank with lava (put as much tank as you want but the more you have, the better it is)

    Lava fabricator :

    2- Connect a fluid conduit going from the lava tank to a Flood Gate (A machine that drop lava in everything direction, except in diagonal, every time it's filled with 2000 mB of lava)

    Flood gate :

    3- Here's the picture of my "cheap" setup to generate a decent amount of mana. This isn't a picture of mine so there's a lava tank in the setup but forget about the lava tank cause you won't need it if you connect the flood gate to a tank filled with lava using lava fabricator as I explained in step 1 & 2.

    Thermalily setup :

    Legend of the above picture :
    1 = Flood gate
    2 = The lava dropped by the flood gate
    3 = Floating Thermalily (Check recipe with nei)
    4 = Thermalily
    The mana spreader isn't in both of the picture but you have to place it over the flood gate with 1 block of space between them. So place a block on the flood gate, place the mana spreader on top of this block, and break the block between the flood gate and the mana spreader.

    Explication of the setup :
    Floating thermalily act like a block with lava so it can block the mana and they suck lava on each side execpt diagonal. The normal thermalily suck mana in diagonal so that's why they are placed like that in the setup. Why so many thermalily you'll ask. Here's why, a thermalily that suck in some lava will be filled with mana and will distribute it to the mana spreader, but then there's a 6 minutes cooldown where the thermalily can't suck up lava again. So using 8 thermalily as possible will let you fill 8 thermalily instead of one every 6 minutes.(You can change the setuo to get even more thermalily but I think 8 is enough)

    Thing you can do to get more mana :
    You can make a mana distributor and direct the mana spreader to the mana distributor which will distribute mana to all the mana pool that are touching the mana distributor in front, back and on the side, again it will not fill the mana pool that are in diagonal with the mana distributor.

    Mana distributor :

    So here's my little mana generating tutorial for Botania, I don't know if you liked the tutorial or not but I just really wanted to share my method with everybody since i struggled at first. I thought I created this setup but found out that some people already created a similar setup :p .But I'm still proud that I thought about the setup by myself without looking it up

    Peace everybody! Have a nice day/night
  2. Really excellent job!
  3. very nice tutorial :)
    small suggestion though: maybe make the pictures a bit smaller, since they take up almost the entire screen at once.

    also: people need a bit of mana generation to make the runes for the thermalily.
    either use dayblooms/nightshades for your very first mana or upgrade to endoflames until you can make your first thermalily
  4. Yeah ill edit it later :)
  5. Thanks im glad you liked it :)
  6. Never knew the flood gate did that much. This thermalily system makes mine look terrible (it is). I'll be sure to use this.
  7. that is a really creative way to generate mana, really good usage of BC and thermal expansion tanks (i think they are thermal expansion tanks)
  8. they are

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