Christmas Event 2018!

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  1. Happy Holidays to everyone! This Holiday season, we've decided to hold a small event to feed everyone's Christmas Spirits. Throughout the overworld, are 9 different colored presents containing 10 different special gifts however due to limitations, these presents can only be found within -250 29 -250 and 250 64 250. Though I've heard some rumors from some elves if you collect all ten gifts and give proof to an Admin, you might get a special 11th gift Have fun, and be sure to leave some gifts for other players! - Link

    These are what the presents look like, the light blue, blue, purple and pink ones (the four on the right side) are slightly rarer than the other five, since they are a little special~

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  2. It is a great event, quick and fun! I found most of mine in caves if any of you want a tip ;) Maybe for another event a scavenger hunt would be cool, I love them.
  3. Glad you enjoyed the event! I'm always looking out for new ideas to entertain the players :D How about a little enderdragon next? o_O
  4. o.o I'm not sure if I should be scared or happy when you say enderdragon. I can't picture anything else but a fight going south. xD

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