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  1. Ok, so Mianite Reborn has been out for a few months now and we are curious what you, the community, think about the pack. What are your favorite mods? What are your least favorite mods? If it were your pack what would you change, add, or remove.

    Is there anything else unrelated to the mod load out that you wish were different on the server?

    Respond below, all opinions are welcome, so make your opinions heard.
  2. I would add Automagy, Thaumic Bases(Heard there's a conflict between Void Metal Block from Witching Gadgets and this addon I assume it can be fixed via editing one of the recipes to require a salis mundus in the center, or just make them the same...somehow...) , Gadomancy, Thaumic Energistics,

    Probably remove Treheremagy, who needs crowbars? as far as I'm aware of they do nothing.

    Maybe update some mods and fix Ars Magica so a few glitches/bugs are fixed, as well as blizzard and firestorm being craftable.
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    I would love to see tainted magic for thaumcraft as it adds more items that are extremely useful and make us thaurmaturges have more of a bite and it also adds alot more to do in thaum. completing tainted magic takes about two weeks and adds alot of visually appealing armor (some of us are dying for some aesthetically pleasing armor in thaum). The armors added also can give actual solid protection for thaurmaturges and also gives a nice vis discount. The items added in the mod also give warp and taint a purpose so it's not just a random annoyance. On a personal note i love the fortress blades on the back of the their armor is makes me drool plus their ability to parry( i know insane right? pic posted below) XD. This mod also adds craftable versions of gear that is unobtainable with out extensive portal traveling (crimson cult gear)which makes it useful so other players can get primordial pearls.

    Too make things easier here's a list of things to auto-ban

    Meteorology focus (changes weather)
    Time Focus (night-day changer)
    recall crystal (can crash clients)

    I have been dying to see this mod addon added cause i absolutely love thaum and it's disappointing sometimes too see a blood mage just say hiya then run me through plus the cosmetics are just great :p.

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  4. I agree with blue what's the point of void metal crowbars? do they do anything special?
  5. As far as I'm aware that's just a thing that gets added when you have both Railcraft and Thaumcraft in a pack together.

    I've already suggested TCInventoryScan, too.
  6. Inventory pets would be cool but not necessarily needed. Someone mentioned Steve's factory manager to help further automation. I'm not sure if it's possible but maybe have certus quartz growable in agricraft. Obviously don't have the recipe easy to do. I'll add more if I think of anything else.
  7. Well, I've thought more about various things on the server. The community seems to need more of a PVP side I would think. and for some of the various magics to be buffed, or not restricted as much. As Ars Magica and Botania are the weakest in that side. as well as blood magic being the best, Botania I understand, as It's not much of a PVP mod. Ars Magica is restricted due to banned items and is getting fixed, so that leaves Thaumcraft, The add-ons for it will make it viable for many things as its meant to be. The various tech mods have a decent balance between their PVP. That's all I really have to say.
  8. I personally think most of the community is great, when I had first joined and was met with many friendly players willing to help me start out and I thought, this is my kind of community so I put a lot of my time into it and eventually was able to give back by helping any players with by giving them minor resources and assisting them in any difficulties they have with any mods. I think overall the saving system and refund system in terms of items glitching out and etc needs to be re-done, from my experience I lost something that I had spent hours grinding out to do due to a random crash eliminating the item. Thankfully many other players came to my rescue and contributed to help me rebuild it which i was very appreciative of. Strengths=Players Weakness=Legal System
  9. I am missing the Witchery mod from the first modpack. I can see how it would be troublesome on the server, but I would still really love to play with it on singleplayer. Is there a way to add it without crashing. (As it has happened to me a few times)

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