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  1. Hello, my name is Giovanni,

    Firstly, do read all of this.

    Recently I saw that the new "Mianite Reborn Legacy" was released on Technic, and had remembered joining this server beforehand on a different name (unsure what...?). I've been wanting to come back to Minecraft in general and saw that this would be a good opportunity to do so... ; however, it appears that I am banned from the Discord server. Yes, I want to be unbanned (I'm unsure what I did) - but read the rest. Before you go ahead and say that "being banned/declined from the Discord doesn't affect gameplay" hear me out.

    Your forums are not as active as they used to be, and getting a reply or talking to someone takes hours or even days. It's a hassle, and trying to get someone to talk to out-of-game, or even asking for help is just a nightmare. Trying to get into this community without Discord access is near-impossible, and I just hope that you believe that as well. If I return and try out the new modpack, I want to be able to talk and communicate with your community through Discord - and I'm sure that whatever I was banned for was at fault of my previous self; however, I can assure that whatever mistake was made won't happen twice.

    So, if you care to un-ban me from Discord, I would be grateful... otherwise, have a nice day and hopefully yours goes well. If you do happen to, hopefully you can reconsider others as well - or future ones.

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