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    • There are many things on the chat filter that do not make sense to us. Can we get a copy of the chat filter files? - Unfortunately not. There are many items on the list that is by no standards appropriate for release on a PG and family friendly server. We do plan to re-evaluate our filter sometime in the future to improve its filtering to exercise a bit more common sense, silly robots!

    • What exactly do you mean when you say ''Keep it PG/ Family friendly ''? - Just that. EnderPlay servers are known to have a wide range of player ages, Minecraft is a children's game. Although we gain a lot of older members to the modded side of our packs, player as young as 4 years of age play on our packs. As a result of this we like to maintain an appropriate environment for anyone to enjoy their gameplay and make friends at all ages. Preventing any chance of offensive and inappropriate behavior.

    • Why is “lag” and “RIP” filtered? - This was added to the chat filter because of the amount of times it is spammed into chat when the server starts to have issues and slows down. Believe it or not, yelling “lag” in chat helps no one and is very annoying to new players and old staff, get off my lawn!

    • Why does the chat filter randomly kick in when I am saying something that isn't anything bad? - The chat filter is a plugin that cannot compete with a human brain. It looks for keywords, phrases and ways of spellings to try and stop as much bypassing of the plugin as possible. It does not always get it 100% correct. We do plan to re-evaluate our filter sometime in the future to improve its filtering to exercise a bit more common sense, silly robots!

    • There are mods in the server that are completely banned. Why are they here? - The important thing to remember is that although there is a official server running, not all the mods are designed to be in the environment of 500+ players per week. The mod in question is probably designed for single player or a smaller server only or attempted to be in the server but was removed for the betterment for the server.

    • The banned item list is out of date? - The banned item list is checked and updated every month. This list is updated manually, sorry if we're not always on top of keeping it updated
    • Why are some of these items banned? -There are many things that can cause an item needed to be banned. It is either too dangerous to be on the server such as; crashing the server or corrupting chunks and player files. Some items may duplicate or cause to much damage to the server with delay or removing all of the resources within an area on the server leaving little to nothing for new players in the future. It is unlikely that an item will be banned for being overpowered but with some mods in the pack, some balancing may be an issue and need to be banned. You can find the list of currently banned items and the reason for why they are banned at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...rFaiwbzFtilh4WWe6oDxhU8Fwo/edit#gid=451559049
    • Can we add ProjectE to the spawn shop? - No. With EMC causing an infinite amount of items to generate. It would render this pointless.
    • Can we build a PVP area for the server? - We have tried to. The idea is solid but the practicality of it will not work as it would require constant staff supervision. Even with world guard and a layer of bedrock protecting the are, someone of administrative power would need to need to constantly come and break the graves left behind. Thaumcraft warding would also prove to do nothing for this as it would create more issues with delay and server performance then it would actually fix.

    • Why is the Random Things BloodMoon so rare and are sometimes skipped ? - We toned the spawn rate because there is a lot going on within the server on a normal day with low population and no BloodMoon. The Blood Moon spawns an almost unmanageable amount of mobs and entities that caused a constant TPS (Ticks per second) issue within the server. It is often skipped by the staff when it could damage the server if it carried on
    • Is there a way that we can suggest an item or mob to not be taken by EPAntiLag? - Of course! We are are aware that we have an aggressive lag reduction. Anyway we can prevent you from losing progress in a boss battle or a item being required to be dropped on the floor without being picked up , we are happy to do. Either contact a member of staff who will pass it on to the correct person who can do this or post on to the Mianite Reborn forum page.
    • Why are multiple features of Ars Magica disabled ? - With previous performance testing on previous servers, we quickly learnt that there are many features of the mod that are either unsafe for the client or for the server. ‘’Starstrike’’ Would cause client crashes and would sometime render an area corrupted and would crash anyone who was stuck there. ‘’Mage-Lights’’ are disabled because of the intense delay that they can cause to a chunk and the server.

    • How long are claims left before they can be abandoned? - 6 months or longer. NOTE- we do take breaks from abandoning claims as it becomes extremely tedious

    • I have been watching a claim for a few weeks now and it is at the 6 month point. Can you remove it please.- Yes. HOWEVER if you have been watching a claim and waiting for it to expire, you will need to wait on staff discretion to come and remove it. We do not want players to constantly be waiting for expiring claims just to get free items. In this event the claim will be way pointed and removed at another time without anyone knowing about it.

    • Why do some EMC values get removed? - Our long term goal is to keep the players of the server coming back on a daily basis. Although EMC is an extremely effective method of gaining resources, it has caused some members to be at the endgame of their progression in just a few days. We restrict some of the EMC values in order to insure longer play time.

    • Why is the server down? - It’s most likely just restarting right now or creating a backup to reduce loss of progress if something goes horribly wrong. Please wait 5-10 minutes and then try again.
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