Goodbye Loki, you are much loved and we wish you all the best!

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    Today marks a sad day in EnderPlay history, we say goodbye to our good friend, head admin and all around awesome guy, Loki or formerly MrSyntaxError.

    Let this serve as the love letter from us, the server staff team, and the community to our beloved Loki, you were loved, you will be missed.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, feel free to say goodbye to Loki in the comments below.


    Ender and the entire server team.

    Read the whole post here.
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  2. Good bye Loki, you taught me so much <3
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  3. I did not know u loki.... but u sounded great. Goodbye
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  4. Rarely have I had the chance to get to know someone like I have had the chance to know Loki. I'm not going to Lie we butted heads plenty of times, but never has one of those times come and passed where I didn't learn something. He is an amazing person, an amazing staff member, and a highly skilled administrator. I will miss him on a personal and professional level.

    I'm not going to go in to all the stuff he has done here, but i will say that everything he has done has been in an effort to make the lives of the players better. You will never know how much time he has put in to just make your Mianite experience better.

    Thank you for everything you did for all of us, and good bye you big jerk.

  5. what happened
  6. Good bye Loki :)
  7. First time allowed to join the test server:

    Do you like my wolves? Come pet them Lilai
    Lilai: Yes! Cuteness! *goes to pet wolf and gets mauled to death in less than a millisecond*

    Love ya Loki, I'll miss your Mianite shenanigans but I'll still FB stalk you :p
    Thank you for being awesome and making this old gamer feel welcome. Best wishes for the bright future before you!
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  8. I will miss you loki, you were a funny staff member and you always took care of issues, good bye D:
  9. Please comeback D:

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