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  1. So I was getting started on some new stuff in the Realm Of Mianite Modpack.
    I went through the time consuming project of making the following;

    Gold Kinesis Pipes
    2 Combustion Engines

    I placed down the pump. I then placed down my two engines. I placed a gold kinesis pipe on top of the first engine, then when I placed down the second pipe on top of the other engine, my client froze then crashed and resumed the launcher. I tried restarting about 6 times and logged back into my server and the same crash kept happening. I was able to break free by not looking at the pipe and walking away. When I came back to the pipes later on noting would happen. BUT as soon as i would place down a few more, it would crash and resume the launcher. Thus restarting the process of a few mores times to restart...

    HELP? :(

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