I got banned for being sexist.

Discussion in 'Realm of Mianite' started by XxRealitysPeakxX, Dec 15, 2016.

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  1. I Just Got Banned, Which Perfectly Fine With I Understand Some People Can't Take a Joke, But I was Trying to Update My Status As Banned With Emojil's Or Whatever U Call Them Here, So I Just Wanted Emojil's On The Status Updates Man. ;)
  2. For start. If you want to remain on our forums. Change the photo.

    Where is the joke in being sexist ?
  3. Excuse me, but My "Photo" is perfectly fine unless ur againist the future president of the United States... Also I'm not sextist but my joke I admit was but u act like I was saying "Women like don't deserves this blah blah" and "Women shouldn't do this and that". But I mean "New" Came to me and asked for one of my jokes to be told to him, So if anything he was encouraging me to share my jokes to him in then Wowgurl123 read those messages. I'll take the three day ban which tbh is completely stupid because a Mute would've been good or a Smaller temp ban.
  4. You don't seem to realise how lucky you are it wasn't a perma ban.
  5. Also Matty do u always let ur staff act out or did u change the title of my post I made to "I am a sexist-butt".
  6. That one was all me. We don't put up with that kind of thing on our server so you will be named and shamed for it.
  7. Ur threatening me because of a Joke I was encouraged to say by staff? Which ur staff read and thats my fault because ur staff is nosy of other staff's chat
  8. Named and Shamed u gotta be kidding me Idc cause ur saying false things so Think I care one bit lol
  9. Tbh just shows how childish you really are :)
  10. Nosey ? How did you work that one out ?
  11. Changing the subject but Okay, Let's see why is it possible that staff can just intrude in eachothers chats between a player, Also haven't answered whats ur problem is with our Future President?
  12. We keep our forums politically free. We play a video game to get away from that stuff.
  13. Well, No one has to look at my trashy picture of our Future President, Continue with ur side of why ur commenting on a post for emojil's on Status Updates
  14. We will still not allow it on any of our EnderMedia platforms.
  15. Before You go, Whats the exact spot it says EnderPlay is a Political Free Site?
  16. Before I go ?
  17. Still waiting for that Location? Matty, Chop, Chop
  18. You have a real issue with respect. Don't you?
  19. Nope, When people earn my respect they get it... Continue with that Location Matty
  20. When you sign up for a member you agree to our rules. From main server rules to what any staff member tell you. I do not need to find you a location.
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