I got banned for being sexist.

Discussion in 'Realm of Mianite' started by XxRealitysPeakxX, Dec 15, 2016.

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  1. Actually, I read ur rules and terms but this is the forums and I don't see anything about a Political free Site, In fact I found language the on the rules quite repulsive and as a Young child i'm very easy to be corrupted with these Grotesque words
  2. My turn to ask you a question! Can I have 1 GOOD reason why I should let you come back onto my server ? You have disrespected my staff, Myself. You have always been a wanna be troll, Even on your short time on Realm. Why should I let you come back ??
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  3. Ur kidding me right? as a wise man once said "Don't be a dickbag - (A bag of dicks)" Was that u or are all ur staff that rude while typing rules for your clean chat/clean server. I'll answer ur question, Once u answer all the ones you've been dodging.
  4. Should I list the ones you've been dodging?
  5. No good reason then? Just as I thought. You spoke of respect. Fact being. I respect the members of our community too much to let them ever be exposed to you again. We would like to thank you for the time you have spent on our EnderMedia servers. We will now honor your request of wanting a change and change your temp ban to a perma ban.

    And of course. From all of us here and EnderPlay. Happy Holidays.~~~~~`
  6. As I said dodging questions because he simply is "Talking the talk but not walking the walk...". Fact being you have "respect" but Rules for ur staff. Happy Holidays Matty just remember ur server is a remake of a remake ;)
  7. Was there supposed to be a point somewhere in that ?
  8. With your ban now finalized. We will now be removing you from our forums.
  9. One moment may i have a Chance to Say my Apolgy since She was Offended, An I deeply Wanna say sorry to Her, Wasn't my intention but I am Sorry
  10. I will pass on the message to her.
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