I got banned with no reason specified. [Appeal]

Discussion in 'Realm of Mianite' started by KiritoSenpai, Sep 26, 2016.

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    Hello, this is KiritoSenpai a guy who has been here for quite some time. Some time ago, I got permanently banned instantly because I told a staff a single inappropriate word, and I apologized after it immediately. It felt bad, I can't lie about that. I didn't ask questions even though it was really wierd since at that time I was playing Mianite for over a year. I tried to move on, for atleast more than a month. Then I went onto discord searching for staff to try and get my self unbanned. I managed to speak to the person who banned me, Loki. He said I got banned because I was banned before that by Waffle. I swear to you, I have never been banned by Waffle. I got unbanned, I was happy. I joined in once a week to catch up with my old friends, or whats left of them. A month go by I joined in, and I got banned again? Without any reason. I would just like to have common sense applied here for once in my Mianite career. I want to know what I did wrong, because before this new ban occured I literally only joined in and had a laugh at Vana which was or used to be(?) an old friend of mine.

    Edit: Spoke to a staff. The staff said I got banned for bypassing and harassment, that all happened before the initial ban which got appealed. LabMonkey told me I was walking on thin ice, and I respected that. In order for me to keep on playing, after what Lab told me I didn't break any rule. I worked hard to abide by EnderPlays rules, and I stuck to them word by word. My name got brought up when you, the staff team were discussing the new server. Didn't you atleast think that I changed after I got unbanned?

    What is even going on..?
  2. Lets start from the beginning, ignoring anything that has to do with Loki and Waffles. You bypassed claims, and spawn protection to kill people in cold blood. This included current staff members who weren't staff at the time. You harassed players verbally and in game. So much so you were close to being muted many times. These "old friends" of yours were people putting in COMPLAINTS, asking for ANYTHING to be done about your behavior. Even though you got appealed by LabMonkey, we reviewed the ban list and your name was brought to our attention. Upon review, we decided we wanted to ensure none of the above would happen again. Because of your actions we were forced to ban items in Ars Magica to make sure no one else would do the same. So in total, we saw fit to put this ban in place due to your previous actions, we wish to ensure that nothing like what happened before will happen again. So, does this count as common sense for you?

  3. Reviewing in progress
  4. Ban Appeal : Denied

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