I need some help with my account...

Discussion in 'Conversation Station' started by MrFersMcSchwag, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. So i made my account and everything, but when i was gonna choose my date of birth. I somehow forgot to change the year caused by me trying to multitask.

    So now it says 08.05.2005 instead of 08.05.1999. It also said i had to contact an administrator if my date of birth were wrong.
    Does anyone have the power to do this for me? If not, thanks for trying.
  2. U still have the issue? if so i feel really bad for you but its a funny mistake you have to admit
  3. Message MattyBob on the forums and ask him to assist you with this problem. :D

    - SirShimmerShinez

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