issue : can't craft gravity suit

Discussion in 'The 1.7.10 Pack' started by onkha, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. hi.
    First of all thx for this pack I really do enjoy.

    I am having touble crafting Gravity suit stuff.
    For exemple the Advance electric jet pack 6634:27 from GraviSuit require an electric jetpack from IC2 with full durability 27/27 and I only can manage to get the durability to 26/27.
    Then the item keep a damage value of 1. (4181:1 instead of just 4181)
    I think that is why the craft doesn't work.

    Am I missing a way to get it to full durability?

    A similar issue seems to be known and a few options for fixing it are described in this link :

    I haven't tried them yet, but i feel like it would be nice for this great mod pack to intagrate a fix. ;)

    Have a good day and thanks for all the fun I am having.

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