Mianite Reborn crash after randomly (SOLVED)

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  1. First sorry for bad english ;)

    Hello my name is Lee i like the modpack and have made a server for me and my friends we all use the technic launcher to run the game. after about 2 days on the server i startet to crash randomly in the beginnig it was once or twice every 6 hour but now i can only be on the server for max 4 min before i crash. it happen random sometimes it when i craft sometimes its when i just run around and sometimes it is when i morph it is 100% random when it happens i have given mianite 4gb ram and have update my java (64bit). i have linked my crash report. plz help someone it is pretty sad to run a server but im the only one there cant join *_*

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  2. I will need your full in game name before I can help you
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  3. my in game name is mrleedk :)
  4. bump (does this work here xD)
  5. From looking at the crash report, the first thing I would try is to take optifine out of the pack. It's a client only mod so it will still let you on to the server but will remove the ability to zoom
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  6. THX this worked thats awesome :D
  7. ive uninstalled optifine but then crashed again ima see if the problem persists but i didn't crash immediately
  8. is your problem gone as well?
  9. I would suggest creating your own forum post with the client crash report attached so we can try and help you further :)
  10. who to remove the zoom?
  11. This did not work for me, any ideas?
  12. I had the same issue and found a fix.

    On the technic launcher make sure the modpack is selected "Mianite Reborn Legacy" > Click on mudpack options > Reinstall pack > Yes

    This will delete the modpack and reinstall it, this fixed my problems.

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