Minecraft crash

Discussion in 'Realm of Mianite' started by BroccolyPvP, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Hello!

    After 5 minutes of playing, my game suddenly just crashes with no message everytime.

    This is my crash log:

  2. We have a bot on our discord forums that answers crash reports, this is a common occurrence with that mod

    Direct copy :

    ''WARNING: This is an experimental detection. This may not fix your issue(it probably will)! Seems like you have an issue with Optifine. Possible fixes: a.) Set Advanced OpenGL to OFF b.) Set Connected Textueres to OFF c.) Set Render Distance to NORMAL d.) Set Load Far, Preloaded Chunks, and Dynamic updates to OFF. Also set Chunk Updates to 1 If all else fails: DELETE Optifine from the modpack. But I still want Optifine!!! Then switch it out for Fastcraft(if it is available for you Minecraft version).''

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