Morph Mod (Bug Report)

Discussion in 'The 1.7.10 Pack' started by chef109, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. I'm just making a post a for the morph mod in general because it's super buggy. Idk if this is something this pack can fix or if the mod author just needs to release a new version but I'm putting this here anyway just to make it known.

    - On multiple occasions I've seemingly been killed so hard it just takes away the morph I died in. Idk if this a bug or just a balance change but it certainly seems odd.

    - In general, it would just be nice to see more of the modded entities be better translated into morphs. ie. some morphs just won't have any abilities at all in morph form despite what they have as a mob. Not a bug really but it's just some polish that's kinda needed.

    - This one I'm real uncertain about. While fighting a Fire Elemental from Blood Magic I was still able to take a hefty amount of damage seemingly out of nowhere for no reason despite fighting in a vanilla Blaze morph. I tried chalking it up to mob having some sort of melee attack that doesn't involve fire but I was able to fly right up to it on multiple occasions and nothing would happen. In fact, there were other Fire Elemental fights where I could just stand in one place and swing my sword which would kill it easily without taking damage at all. Idk, whether to attribute this to inconsistencies with the Blaze's fire resist or if this is some other bug with the Elemental
  2. To the first point, it is set in the config by default for this mod pack that you loose the morph you are in when you die. This can be changed in the morph mod config.

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