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    I ALREADY MADE A BAN APPEAL THIS IS A MORE DETAILED REVISED APPEAL IM REFERING TO MY PREVIOUS ONE PLEASE READ. NOTE: I ALREADY WROTE A BAN APPEAL BUT THIS ONE IS REVISED AND I DIDNT LEAVE OUT ANY DETAIL. I know but i didn't break any claims i didn't by pass them the golem was in a part that wasn't claimed also i killed a little kids golem because he was cursing at me even after i killed it and he cursed at me more! i offered to make him a new one so i didn't by pass claims if the golem was in a part that wasn't claimed. also please shorten my ban please i have school in 7 days which means only 3 hours of game time please shorten it and i expected to get a warning not a 7 day! ban just cause i killed this little kids golem? after him cussing at me? if anything i should have gotten a 24 or 2 day ban D: this was my first warning and ban on the server i expected something shorter but 7 days! thats! crazy i plead to shorten or un-ban me and put me in jail I'm begging on my knees to please un-ban me or shorten i don't deserve 7 days cause i didn't by-pass the claim the kid didn't claim that area so i killed it after he kept cursing at me. please un-ban me or shorten it please comment back
  2. sorry but everyone is only allowed to write one ban appeal.
    Please refer to your previous thread for the answer to that.
  3. i just referred to it with NOTE before the appeal
  4. You already used up your chance to get unbanned from this incident.

    If you wish to extend the timeout we can surely arrange that, otherwise i advise you to stop and accept the given punishment for breaking the rules.
  5. ok i guess but tell me the guy who cursing at me ablest got kicked? i guess i won't play till 10 am on a school day thanks

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