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  1. Hello! I just started playing the Realm of Mianite and i wanted to ask if anyone knows what the best type of armour, sword and tools are? Also if they're are any op things :) Thanks!

    - Maddy
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    So, really op things (in my opinion) are:

    1.Blood magic plate armor
    2. If you do tinkers stuff, i reccomend thaumium handles and enderium head/blades
    3. If not tinkers, you can make the imbued tools the pick mines like creative, the sword does 52 damage.
    4. If not the above tools, you should makes ars magica spells, since they have no mine time (with picks u have to wait for the blocks to break)
    5. If u dont like the latter, thaumcraft has decent researchable things.
    *Most of the above is pretty expensive, though if u contact me on discord/IG I can help.

    Discord is: ohhh (u can access discord from the modpacks website on technic)

    IGN is ClickedKnight

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