Realm Of Mianite Purge #2 (Info)

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    Hi everyone im organizing A Purge Just like in the Mianite Series. it will be held on the sunday June 19th 2016 at approximately 8am GMT

    it will last for one hour

    for this purge these are the rules
    -no Flying
    -no Breaking out of the arena
    -no Breaking or Moving or taking Graves That Don't belong to you
    -disarms spells are allowed but you have to give the weapons you collect back
    -No Morphs

    i will also reach out to staff to ask if someone can enforce the rules again but they are busy and i don't know if they can i will update this if they confirm.

    Apart from That anything Goes

    On the day you will arrive at the arena by a tpa to either PyroManiac12155 Or Zaxapair.
    (Im working on Creating a community portal to teleport to it will be ready next purge)
  2. Matty its always exciting to see what fruit/vegetable you are going to vote for XD

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