Server crashes after 20 seconds of play

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  1. I recently purchased a server from a hosting service to create a small Mianite server for my friends and I to play on. Nothing big, just 10 slots. I have had no issues whatsoever ever since I installed the server and set it up around 6 days ago. I've played on it with a few buddies along those 6 days and again, no issues ever occurred until last night. There was a total of 3 players on the server when the server itself froze and we could not perform tasks like open chests or doors, and type in chat for a solid 10 seconds. After that 10 seconds, we were kicked with the message, "Timed Out". I kept restarting my server and I was able to login a few times, and have a good 15 - 20 seconds of play where in fact I could open doors and chests as if the server had no issues. After the 15 - 20 seconds, the freeze period begins and kicks me out with the same Time Out message.
    ^^ Console Log (there is nothing out of the ordinary here, you can see me attempting to use chat and then when I freeze and leave the server it still claims i'm in it and then you see the stop command I send it)

    * There are no corrupted chunks or player files. I downloaded the world (via. FTP) and ran it through Region Fixer to scan for any corrupt or broken region/level/player files. It found none. I then ran it through MCEdit and it too did not find any corrupt chunks. Also telling from how the server behaves when this occurs it does not seem like any corrupted world files as it is the same period of time until it crashes weather or not I enter a new chunk or not.

    Any help is highly appreciated, and thank you for reading.
  2. As you already said yourself: there's nothing in the log, so there's nothing concrete that we can focus on resolving...

    You might want to double-check k if the server you're using is powerful enough to run the pack.
  3. It has handled it for 6 days, what could've changed it?
  4. EDIT - tested it on a personal server based off my computer with using 6/8 gb of ram for it, the issue still occurred and I was even hosting the server.
  5. Need more info...
    How busy was your system during that test? Anything indicating if it was or wasn't powerful enough?

    How populated is the world? Any chunk loaders or big automatons / large amounts of tile entities?

    Also a complete log From startup throughout a timeout and into a graceful shutdown might show something, that was missed before.
  6. The server has only one quarry on it in total, keeping two chunks loaded at max. We just begun modded, so we have yet to have made that much progress where we have quarries and whatnot loaded all throughout the world. When I ran the server locally on my mac, I used Activity Monitor to close all processes not related to the system running and the server itself, so the server itself was really the only thing running.

    The log was 3 MB of just plain text, so I could not upload to pastebin on a free account. I put it on Drive instead -
  7. Thanks, but sadly the logfile seems to be incomplete...

    I can only see a lot of startup, but no actual player-joins, timeouts or a shutdown in there.

    One thing i noticed, is that it has the full clientside modlist. You might want to remove the client-only mods to improve load times.
    Also depending on your setup, removing headcrumbs can also help remove some load from your server.
  8. Thank you very much, I deleted Better FPS and Headcrumbs from the server and it seems to be working just fine.

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