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  1. Calling all members.

    We are fast approaching a year of uptime. WOOO! We are also approaching the busy time of year. Schools breaking up, jobs to be done, lives to be lived and servers that don't always have time to be played on. It happens... BOOO!!

    We are seeking your input for the server. What can we do to improve your time on our Enderplay servers? It has been a year of trial and error on keeping the server up and running... Things have been banned and restricted. Trust me when I say, it's nothing personal. ANYWAY!

    I am asking that you comment below how we can improve whats already there. When enough input has been taken we will be able to plan and act accordingly :)

    Pre warning... some things are gone for a reason and probably won't come back

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  2. As I feel most things are balanced in the server currently i feel that shop prices should be lower a bit
    I feel that the primal thaumcraft shards should have EMC aswell
  3. The shop prices are often looked in to but we will take a note of that
    The shard values have been restored :)
  4. i can provide an arena for renting in a seperate dimension
    1 person rents it for 2-3 days low price
    that person will be given trust there
    he can host the games and be responsible for breaking the graves of the deads and even have the power to keep the graves
  5. That can be a thing we can put in to effect by the end of next week
  6. time for some blood to be shed
  7. I feel like some of the botana flowers should have emc thats about it.
  8. Can you be more specific as to what ones?
  9. Like the ones you find in the wild, not the craftable ones
  10. We will see what we can do :)
  11. I'm honestly not sure how viable this suggestion is at this point, but here goes:
    I'd like to see a modpack-update.
    Not in the sense of "Moar content" but in the sense of "Update exisiting mods and plugins to hopefully get rid of some bugs / performance issues". Maybe even throw in some config-changes if the server would benefit from that (one example i know would be to disable imbued fire clientside to fix the kami-research bug for good).
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  12. Ok it would be nice to have Wichery back but if someone it the world made a mod that disabled getting taglocks from beds and other players that would make it work, and have it so when you shift right click with taglock in hand that you got your own taglock, you can trade your taglock but why would you do that. Just an idea that may work if not o well.
  13. I am sorry, we are not able to add more content in to the modpack
  14. What we can do though is aim to put that mod in to a future pack
  15. Is there any chance that vinteum dust could get emc? as it is a product of an ore
  16. An EMC value of 64 has now been added to vinteum dust :)
  17. seems like boss is in a good mood :p can we have back the nukes :p *please don't fire me*
  18. Nukes are now enab...NO
  19. Community hosted events etc

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