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  1. Like pig races as an example where we build a race arena and have people race
  2. That is something we can look in to
  3. mine chem for eggs?
  4. What do you mean by that?
  5. Id love to see some sort of system were people can do like daily quest for certain rewards, or some sort of dungeon system, some sort of ars magica 2 level up so its not just right click and level but instead you could create a dungeon to go through with custom health and weapons But with limitations of armor and weapons but any spells i dont even know if that would be possible but it would be cool i know that the story is currently being worked on and im super excited for that. Breif summary of what im asking for, a more interactive grinding system for ars magica without changing code or anything
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  6. Hey Matty, I might have an Idea. Maybe we could like, add that plugin, that you know, you can setup an actual real shop. Like, people can legitly sell items like they do on other servers. Just an Idea.

    Also, maybe we could add the Towny, or MyTown plugin added, to you know, keep things interesting. :)

    Just a thought
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    It would be awesome if you could somehow implement a custom mob like really strong mob as the pack has a lot of powerful weapons. It will sometimes encourage teamwork to defeat a mob. A daily quest about that which gives rewards to the players would be wonderful

    Something like twilight forest? Not the mod but the idea
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  8. I would really appreciate it if the ars magica flowers and botania flowers would have EMC because otherwise, you have to get an automated farm which is also not good for the server but you need them on mass ^^ (my opinion) Please do not hate me >: Also a suggestion to the Buyanite shop to balance the prices for the primordial pearl and other end game stuff because even if they are end game items I think that 5Mil EMC is a bit too much
  9. I would also suggest to add this line to the projectE scripts folder "#Tome.addShaped(<ProjectE:item.pe_tome>, [[<ProjectE:item.pe_covalence_dust:2>, <ProjectE:item.pe_covalence_dust:1>, <ProjectE:item.pe_covalence_dust>], [<ProjectE:item.pe_klein_star:5>, <minecraft:book>, <ProjectE:item.pe_klein_star:5>], [<ProjectE:item.pe_covalence_dust>, <ProjectE:item.pe_covalence_dust:1>, <ProjectE:item.pe_covalence_dust:2>]]);" it adds the crafting recipe to the tome of knowledge for projectE. It costs around 50mil emc. I think that is fair enough and if you dont think so I can still change the recipe to whatever you want
  10. Sorry, that is classed as a creative only item on our server and will need to stay that way
  11. But, referring back to what DainZLP said before, could we have some form of Daily quests or something like that. Oh and i also think there should be more animal spawn eggs added to the server due to the fact that all the peaceful mobs have been killed off and some crafting recipes require you to get things that only animals drop.
  12. I also think that the Botania relics should be more powerful because, to be honest, they suck right now. The Key of the King's law does half a heart damage (THE END GAME ITEM). Because of all those powerful armours, this weapon is just totally weak.
  13. What is up with the casting mode change? Why is it disabled on the server. Would really appreciate it to get it back
  14. I would also love to see beside the server energy free lava because if we craft lava fabricator and generate lava with the server power it causes delays. If you would implement that no one has to build them.
  15. we do have free lava you know in the nether
  16. Does not really help even if the lava source is huge it is gone so fast. With lava fabricator you don't have this problem but as I said I do not build them anymore because of the delays they cause
  17. Both possible :) If you have any suggestions as to what mobs should be sold please let us know. Also, if you have a rough idea as to what some of the quests should be, please let us know :)
  18. I would suggest to add the crafting recipe of the digital miner again :p
  19. So some daily quests that could be added could be some to like kill a specific amount of mobs (of course hostile mobs) or create a specific item in a mod pack, maybe like create an iron capped wand in thaumcraft. And some mobs that should be added to the shop is horses or maybe even have some spawn eggs for primitve mobs so that you can get your self a support creeper. Oh and the rewards for completing a daily quest should be money to then buy things in the shop.

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