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  1. Could you give scrap and scrap boxes EMC, please?
  2. I think if we just give the items without EMC like alot of the Ars Magicka stuff, it'd be better! Im talkin the flowers, the minerals and junk, all the tidbits. Ars Magicka is utterly lacking many EMC values besides vinteum. I'd suuuuper appreciate it.
  3. Oh and also one more thing, i would suggest if possible weekly or monthly resets of the nether and end. (It would help with getting drops only found in those dimensions
  4. if we give emc to the scrap boxes you can get unlimited scrapboxes that drop multiple items which hold emc more than the scrapbox itself , i don't find it fair enough, plus the drop of the scrapbox isn't certain.

    the end resets every 1-5 first days of a new month nether on the other hand is way bigger so we wait a bit more but it is reset as well

    regarding the flowers yeah i know it's very hard to find new flowers , it's a pitty deep dark is closed because there is a ton of tarma root found there ,but the flowers for 500(i believe it's maximum 20levels) are found in the shop , all 4or 5 of the important plants at least, plus we have the agricraft seeds which can help you create the ars magica seeds and therefore the plants to have an infinite amount at the end
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    I don't think that is a good idea.

    I want daily quests to be something challenging, Something you have to grind for because the way the server is now, you can't really put the powerful items you make in use. Yes, you can fight other players but the server is kinda peaceful XD.

    What I mean by custom bosses is just like twilight forest but even more powerful with different levels so everyone can join. Those quests should include these custom bosses as a challenge to any player and I insist that you make them strong enough compared to the pack. Quests may also include riddles it will just make the server more alive and will encourage team work rather than everyone playing as if it was a single player world.

    All this may be controlled by NPC or with actual players willing to contribute to the server in their free time.

    If all this needs a bit of brain-working ideas, Then I suggest you let us make some quests and send them privately to you.

    Also, Could you give us an estimate to when these will be implemented as there is not a lot of time left for the summer? Maybe implement it gradually not as a whole pack.
  6. Yeah i like that idea it is just that i also want the quests not just to mainly focus on bosses but doing things from other modpacks as well because if not the daily quest system will just get repetitive and dull. Also with the whole daily quests idea i think there should be a way for players to set up their own shop and sell things, because if we keep the system for the shops we have right now, then the shops would have to be updated constantly for new interesting things that players want to buy.
  7. Would it be possible that you can also sell items on the buyanite store instead of just buying? So you could get like 15% of the normal price?
  8. reset the nether monthly
  9. and an auction house
  10. Please explain a little more what you mean by an auction house
  11. players selling to other players
  12. We have tried many times to get that to be a function on the server but was never able to get it to work. It is doubtful we will ever be able to make that work for the server
  13. how is this a server improvement ? and what is the point of your question ?
  14. could you give tesseracts emc?
    like maybe 50 - 100k?

    would immensely appreciate it,
  15. I am already in a foul mood as I am reduced to using my sister's account to play Minecraft, to add to my distress on the official Mianite server, I am restricted from using the simple Book & Quill. If I could have anything fixed, it would be the ability to write again in the generic Minecraft book. If my inability to use the Book & Quill is not intentional, then I strongly suggest you investigate this relatively significant bug, as it kicks you from the game.
  16. That is a bug that is not actually our fault. We know little to nothing about it, a simple solution to the matter is to use the big writing book from Bibliocraft
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  17. Thank you for your swift response, I have already discovered the Big Writing Book, however, it is exceptionally complex and difficult to use. So I will say this once more if you guys do find a solution, please enact it.

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