Temp-Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Mianite Reborn' started by SilverMythAg, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. I just recently got temp ban for using an afk pool which after reading the rule within the spawn i didnt see any rules that prohibited me from using and i do understand it can lag servers to some extent i now know its not acceptable to have one muchless use one. while i dont expect to be unbanned for this its also the first time ive been banned and i can assure you as a player and a fellow human being i do not intend on using it ever again. i would also like to say if there is a place in spawn i didnt see a rule for that then can we please make it more obvious so others dont suffer the same fate i did.. the choice is yours as you guys and girls are the owners of the server and possible to modpack i dont know whos in the staff but if you do decide to unban me my username is SilverMythAg
  2. i should add it was recently brought to my attention that the /rules command is indeed in spawn which is probably why i didnt see any rules to begin with so in my defense i was hasty and didnt see that sign and im sorry
  3. did you do /rules when you first joined?
  4. yes but that was like months ago so at the time i was a little hasty and didnt check it again. ill be honest it was my own fault and it is what it is but at the end of the day it was my hastiness that got me the temp ban so as i said before its your choice to unban me or not and at this point in time im focusing on learning some stuff and tooling around with tinkers in singleplayer so while i hope you decide to unban me i wont demand it or really even argue my case any further so ill leave it at that.
  5. it wasn't my ban , my opinion is it should stay as is till the time passes , i am pretty sure spawn has exactly the same rules as /rules so in my opinion it's not excusable. it's just 48 hours i think ,so don't worry you ll be back.

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