The recent thing thats been going on (not a ban appeal)

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  1. Hey, i wanted to talk about how 2 of my friends were banned from the server for "toxic behaviour". It all started with a troll a few days ago. Me (Blue) and my friend HD were getting bored and wanted something to do. We thought it would be a funny little joke to play on someone if we sendt them to spawn once. I made a spell that sends people to spawn and gives them a infinite effect called Astrial Distortion, it prevents people from being teleported using ars spells, portals, enderpearls and so on. Tpa is ofc not effected by the effecct. We sent them to spawn and hid in morphs as other players, making them belive they were being trolled by someone alse.

    After the troll was over (dont remember how long we used) over half the server had been blamed for our actions before we told them it was us. We promised a gift because of trolling them, first we said a stack of red matter blocks. We then rethinked the situation and looked at their current progress. We found out that a stack of red matter blocks would be overkill and would be agenst the rules.

    Both me and HD recived alot of insulting messages from one of the troll victims Tempest (this happened 1-2 days after the troll happened). Here is some of the messages he sendt me word by word. "Of course you dont care, i know your kind." "They make up for some of the most terrible people in mankind." "Criminals, drugdealers, this is just the start for you."

    As i said earlier we thought about something to give them in return for us trolling them (Dain, Tempest, "Boltz" and one i dont have the name for atm). After i had a talk to Matty and Sms about it we came to the concltuion of asking if there was anything he needed. He answered growth lamps or the stuff to make them. So i decided to make him a growth lamp and give him some of the materials to make some himself aswell. So i started thaumcraft using a setup my friend had already built. I had not started thaumcraft yet so it was quite the leap to make in thaumcraft. I made him 7 arcane lamps and 1 Growth lamp.

    The day after we visited their space station thru the protal still linked to our base. HD still had trust to one part of the base on mars. I tped to him to look at the progress at the mars "village" they were making. After hanging around there for some time i started being blamed for stealing oxygen collectors (4). After this framing occured he started telling us to give it back and leave. We had not done anything alse than look around at the time and just started getting hit by Boltz sword that had a chemical on it that gave us Wither for 30 seconds every time he hit. Tempest started shooting us with a crossbow from tinkers contruct.

    At that point we started to self defend ourself with Kings Law, which i used about 3-5 times on their place not intending to kill and HD used it around 10-15 didnt count but there was spam. HD as you know was trusted in one part of the claim so he used that to kill Tempest making it non bypass since he was trusted and therefor a valid kill. After that Tempest started screaming for help from staff saying we had bypassed Boltz's claims to kill him. We got into a teamspeak with Broken and spoke there with him for quite the time. We also spoke to Raven (the new chatmod) and a bit with Lily.

    After this argument between us went on for quite some time Lily started to get annoyed, and HD managed to accidentally kill Tempest's golems. (This is a punishable offense and i know that but wait) After the golems were killed i offered him to pay back for his golems that were accidentally killed. Broken beat us to it with repaying them for the damage done to the golems.

    After the golems were killed oor a bit before i dont really remember. We found out that he had been lying to staff about his stuff being stolen and the oxygen collectors were claimed. He also said later on that he counted wrong and he had lost 8 oxygen collectors and not 4. This may have been a try to double the items but i have no proof of that. After alot more arguing because we didnt want to leave his place before we got and explenation on why he accused us and kept trying to hurt us.

    After this our friend WeeG joined in because he wanted to see what was going on. WeeG and HD then started "trolling" them by opening and closing carpenters doors. After they had done this for some time they took it to the next step. WeeG waited for Tempest to get out of his claim so he could try and kill him (not to take his stuff) when he got the chance, he stroke and hit hard. Tempest survived the blade and ran into his claim not knowing that he wouldnt survive the chemicals on the sword. Then he died inside his claim. (According to Cozy, is still bypassing if he dies inside the claim after being hit outside). They then took it to the next step and started placing warded glass around their place where it was unclaimed. Hight was 7 blocks so they werent trapped in there and didnt technically break any rules regarding the placement of blocks.

    However i am not here to talk about why they were banned, i wanted to talk about how they got a punishment and Tempest didnt. Tempest broke noticable rules like lying to staff and such, yet he didnt even get a warning. I thought this was handled unfairly since he got off with breaking rules and insulting us on msg while they got banned for 1 and 2 days.

    (If there's anything you think i missed please let me know)
  2. just saying you posted this on the wrong subforum , matty can move it to the realm of reborn subforum or you can copy paste it there .
  3. also key of kings has explosive damage , if you were outside of the claim and used that and the projectiles went inside the claim and killed someone that's clearly a bypass of claims

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