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Discussion in 'The 1.7.10 Pack' started by KTown_Monkey, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. i downloaded the Ultra Modded Survival server on twitch launcher and try to log into and i get incompatible mods problem i was running version 0,0,2 (current) i tried release version as well and it didn't work either any suggestions?
  2. anyone help?? all i keep finding is this ip and all i get is this when i try to log in. I downloaded the pack on FTB launcher and all it tells me is to try restarting my game......

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  3. Sorry to say, the UMS server is no longer up. We do have a new pack for "Ultra Modded Revival" But it has no server and we have no intentions of making a server for it. Our only server up at the moment is Mianite Reborn Legacy

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