Unban appeal

Discussion in 'Mianite Reborn' started by Lollus789, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. I got a two day ban for unappropriate language used in the chat and I would like to get unbanned based upon the fact that I know I what I did was wrong and that I could've possibly upset some of the community members. I promise never to do this particular thing again and if I do I'm ready to accept a heavier ban. I know its only for two days but I would like to get unbanned because it is the only possible day to play with certain users I would like to play with otherwise I would have to wait a lot longer. My IGN is Frost_Gygabyte
  2. After looking at your records and talking with my staff. We agree that the appeal will be denied and you can wait for the two days. As long as you understand that those comments will not be tolerated on our server or on the discord. I'm glad you've agreed not to say such things again, but usually that type of behavior comes with a permanent ban, so we believe that you can wait for the two days.

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