Update: Story and Why it's on Hold

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  1. Hello all,

    If you don't know who I am. I am Wowgurl13, better known as Vana on the server, I am the head writer of the Reborn story as well as EnderPlay's PR. I would like to apologize for my absence. I am a college student and had to pay for an entire semester out of pocket where my FA was transferred to the summer semester, allowing me to take summer classes to get to my degree faster. But along with the summer semester starting I also was lucky enough to get a better job, I am getting more hours (sometimes more then I want), so I am sadly balancing getting my course work done, understanding my classes, going to classes, and going to work. Leaving me with barely any time for myself.

    So the real reason you came to read this post: what's going on with the story?

    So if you have watched my last livestream you should know that I have had to rewrite quite a few quests I have already written because we were hoping to do the story world things with a separate inventory then the overworld, but that doesn't work sadly for the version we have. So that mixed with the real life issues has unfortunately put the story as a whole on hold. There are still the daily quests you can do and you can still explore what parts we have opened, but the "Story Quests", or progression, is on hold until I am able to stop being stressed for a weekend.

    So then what about the voice acting I was asking for?

    I still need voice actors for later videos, but since the story is on hold, they won't happen very soon. If you are still interested in voice acting for me, please record yourself with the program "Audacity" with saying some lines (that I will list below) and send them to PR e-mail (pr@enderplay.com), I have received quite a few, but if you want to re-audition then please feel free. I will send you an e-mail back when I receive it so you will know. If the ones auditioning wouldn't mind doing the first line then you may do any number of the other lines. And if you want to audition with more voices, or different lines, please go right ahead. I enjoy listening to it, but do mark them with a simple "1 [line]. 2 [line]", it will make it easier for me to communicate if I want to hear more of a certain voice.

    Lines for Audition-
    "The Void hungers!" (Male and Female)
    "That was rather unexpected." (Male)
    "I can protect myself, I am not a princess." (Female)
    "The adventures we had!" (Young female)
    "Do not doubt my strength!" (Young male)

    Again, I apologize for my absence and hopefully I will return soon. But until then I hope you all have fun and enjoy your time on Reborn.

    Stay Epic~
    EnderPlay PR

    -TLDR is on Discord, Pinned in the #reborn chat-

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