What could this mean?

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  1. This is actually really exciting. I won't spoil what it is to those who may not know.
  2. yes if this is what I think it is then do it.
  3. Please do this, especially on mianite
  4. Definitely do this
  5. xD I'm still pretty confused as to what this is. Could be paintball, or Flans mod, or something. idk. :p xD
  6. The bottom is a philosophers stone I believe and the top looks like industrial craft's mining laser. If industrial craft is being added that'd be pretty cool as a mass fab would be supremely helpful.
  7. Most likely a new modpack? I doubt they would at ProjectE & Industrial Craft into a modpack based around the series.
  8. Hooray for Equivalent Exchange and IC

    woot woot
  9. Equivalent Exchange and IC2 in Mianite? I love both those mods and power flowers from EE3 are amazing to use.
  10. They've added other mods that weren't in the series before. Things like thermal dynamics were never in the youtube series.
  11. Don't forget to look outside the box. Did you notice the tree? It's using shaders.
  12. I am going with a new mod into one of the packs, or a new modpack all together.
  13. dont add equvelent exchange its too op ruins the funn cause it gets to easy
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  14. Add EE3! it'll reduce so many processes, and therefore, lag XD
  15. can i pls make a nitrad oserver for me and my freinds on this modpack
  16. the sky is different also look at the torchs tropicraft

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